Twin transfer lines

They have been designed and developed for those situations where flexibility is not only an added value, but almost a daily need. The Mossini Twin lines are based on the use of two mechanical presses equipped with transfer, side by side and connected by an inter-press system. The essential characteristics that distinguish them from traditional solutions are:
  • the feed direction of the piece in the line is not predefined and, consequently, neither are the head and the tail of the line itself. In other words, this means that the feeding system can be placed, indifferently, either on the right or on the left of the line, and likewise also the pieces unloading devices.
  • the inter-press connection, which can be quickly interrupted and restored.
The combination of these two features provides different and interesting possibilities of use. The line, ie, can be used in its entirety, and in this case the pieces will travel all the stations in both presses, or it can be divided into two independent sections, each can be equipped with its own feeding and unloading systems, capable, consequently, to produce different pieces with different parameters and different work cycles.

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