Double action lines

Based on the use of hydraulic presses, they have been developed with the objective of maximum expansion of the range of treatable products. Addressed, moreover, to the field of Household applications they are used by some of the major companies of the sector in various countries.
They are characterized essentially by hydraulic presses equipped with hydraulic blankholder cushions, both upper and lower.
The system of tools automatic change, properly studied, reduces to a few minutes the tooling times of the entire line, independently from the number of stations involved in the operation.
The system is based on the use of two moving bolsters, placed on the sides of each unit and by a series of devices for centering and clamping of the tools. The management, integrated with that of each unit and with the one of line, allows to control all operations, from the descent of the slide without pressure, to the opening and closing of any gates, in complete safety and without any human intervention.

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