Presses for hot forming and hot forging

To meet the special needs of this field, Mossini SpA has developed the Hot Forming and Hot Forging series. A wide range of hydraulic presses and accessories for every type of work.

They are characterized by:
  • Two types of frame, both made of first choice steel and properly treated:
    • Double sided frame, ideally suited to the hot forming
    • Four columns frame, ideally suited to free forging
  • High quality components.
  • Electronic regulation of the working parameters: strength, speed and strokes.
  • Easy synchronization with any interlocking.
  • Programming and store of working cycles from the operator panel.
  • Simplified diagnostics from the operator panel.
  • Remote assistance.
The series is complete with a full range of accessories designed for various machining requirements.
  • Fast hydraulic systems
    Dimensioned for high speed forging, with consequent reduction of heat in the oven, and for the finishing.
  • Upper and lower hydraulic extractors
    Available in different types to perform forming, drilling and removal of the bottom.
  • Tools stores
    They enable to arrange the tools out of the press and to automate the exchange of the tools themselves, reducing the time of machine stalking and improving safety conditions.
  • Moving bolster
    Moved by means of hydraulic cylinders located beneath the floor, it is controlled by a joystick placed on the control panel.
  • Centering and lifting devices
    Suitable both for equipment and work-pieces, they allow to run more work operations prepared on the main table.
  • Systems of rotary tables
    Controlled by a joystick placed on the control panel.
  • Rotating arms of upper tool holder
    They contain various equipment. They allow the easy replacement outside press and permit the inclusion in a fast and sequential way.

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