Hydraulic Presses

The research skills and the ability to imagine, even before designing, more secure presses, efficient and easy to use, have marked the company's activity in this field since its beginning, now more than thirty years ago. Today the range includes different types of hydraulic presses, with forces up to 10000 tons.

The available range is very wide. It includes:
  • Double sided hydraulic presses from 100 to 3500 tons.
  • Die spotting double sided hydraulic presses from 160 to 3500 tons.
  • Triple action double sided hydraulic presses from 630 to 3500 tons.
  • PHE (Plate Heat Exchangers) double sided hydraulic presses from 5000 to 10000 tons.
  • C-frame hydraulic presses from 100 to 400 tons
True to its philosophy, Mossini SpA designs and manufactures the hydraulic systems of all its presses in complete autonomy, using, among other things, a sizing system totally designed and developed by its own technical department. The components are always of the highest quality. All measurement systems (quotas, pressure, temperature) are absolute.

The fittings are Walterscheid. The used system, based on the deformation of the tube and on the presence of an elastomeric seal, ensures an exceptional coupling between the fitting and pipe, a high operating pressure, the total absence of leaks, and a particular indifference to vibration and pressure peaks.

The entire range can be equipped with blank-holder cushions, both lower and upper, equipped with absolute measuring systems and programmable for different modes of operation. The management is totally integrated with that of the press.

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