Mossini Electric Presses

The Mossini Servo Presses bring together a complete range of presses in a single product.

The flexibility of the Servo Press can adapt it to any requirement of forming. Doing so, however, it’s not so simple. Programming a work cycle is a complex task, which requires, in addition to a thorough analysis of the phases and magnitudes that define the cycle you want to achieve, even a deep understanding of the benefits and limitations of the motor and the drives, and of course, techniques and programming languages. Activity that, it is evident, can not be left to the customer.

Mossini SpA, thanks to its forty years experience in the field, and consistent with the objective of providing a product which is extremely powerful and, at the same time, easy to use, has developed the work cycles of most frequent use, leaving to the user the only burden of selecting the desired mode.
The methods of work developed and standardized are:
  • Eccentric.
  • Link Drive.
  • Toggle joint.
  • Double toggle joint.
  • Pendulum.
  • Pendulum with slowdown.
  • Free cycle.
In pendulum mode the eccentric shaft, just like a pendulum, rotates between two positions, symmetrical and equidistant from the bottom dead center, reversing, at each stroke, the direction of rotation. It follows a precise adjustment of the stroke; regardless of the number of connecting rods of the press. The pendulum mode with slowdown adds the function of reducing the speed of the slide in the working phase to that of the stroke adjustment. The system allows you to choose between three different levels of reduction. The Free cycle mode allows to emulate that of a hydraulic press (rapid approach, work stroke and return), simply defining the approach speed, the start point of work, the working speed and the end point of work.

Special cycles are also developed, to meet particular needs of the customer.

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