It is a device for mechanical presses (exclusive patent Mossini SpA) that allows the user to adjust the working height according to different forming needs. It’s the only mechanical programmable slow motion system, which can works with automatic stroke adjustment.

It is about, essentially, of a particular type of kinematic motion which, by means of a set of adjustable levers, allows to adapt the length of the deceleration phase of the slide to the operation to be performed. Lengths, and their related available operations are:
  • 10%of stroke - Coining
  • 20%of stroke - Blanking
  • 25%of stroke - Drawing
  • 30%of stroke - Deep drawing
The advantages offered by the adoption of this device regard: the reduction of the speed of the slide in the working area, the optimization of the force as a function of the distance from the bottom dead center, the better exploitation of any blank-holder cushions, the reduction of the tools consumption, the reduction of the risk of wrinkles and tears and of noise.

The device is programmable from the operator panel and, in case where also the automatic stroke change is present, different parameters can be set, for each available stroke and the setup procedure of the press can be performed in a completely automatic manner.

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